Exergy life cycle assessment indicators in Colombian gold mining sector
Autores: Cano, N., Hasenstab, C., & Velasquez, H. I. Categoria: Artículo Científico Publisher: Journal of Sustainable Mining Fecha de publicación: 14 Oct, 2020 Páginas: 18 páginas Idioma: Ingles

    Exergy analysis, a thermodynamic method, evaluates environmental impacts by measuring entropy generation or exergy destruction from resource use throughout production. This study applies exergy analysis within an Exergy Life Cycle Assessment (ExLCA) framework to assess the sustainability of open-pit and alluvial gold mining in Colombia. Results show open-pit mining’s exergy consumption is 53% fossil energy and 26% water, while alluvial mining’s exergy flow is 94% water-based. To reduce environmental impacts, the study suggests improving efficiency in extraction processes, reducing exergy emissions, utilizing renewable resources, and adopting circular economy principles.


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